It’s now officially 2019, ladies and gentlemen. And it has been for quite some time already! It’s just so crazy how fast time is flying — we are already in the last year of this decade! But as fast as time seems to fly out the window, such a pace can pale in comparison to how quickly our money disappears when we need it the most.

Why does it always seem like bad things happen all at the same time? You might have a job loss, medical expenses, and your rent go up in 2019 (although we certainly hope that none of those things happen). But instead of being conveniently spaced apart within three months of each other, of course it’s the case that they all happen in the same week.

When it rains, it pours.

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Bad things come in threes.

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Misery loves company.

Have we depressed you sufficiently?! Sorry this isn’t the cheerful New Year’s post you might have been expecting from the title! But don’t worry, we are going to leave that negative attitude in the dust, starting now.

Although we can’t control what slings and arrows of outrageous fortune might come our way, as some guy named Bill Shakespeare put it, we can control how we respond to them. If you are looking for a few ways to improve yourself in 2019, financial planning might be a good place to start.

Why Do We Hate Budgeting?

Why is money management so hard? We know we should be better at it, we understand the importance of it, and we even get that our kids’ livelihoods are dependent on how effectively we can budget — but it seems like the hardest thing sometimes!

If you’ve ever felt like this, don’t think that you are alone. In a future post, we’ll take the time to explore some scientific reasons why it’s so difficult to budget and manage money. But for the purposes of today’s welcome to 2019 blog, we’ll stick to encouraging you to do better!

The fact is, most all of us could do better when it comes to saving money. But the problem is, it’s so overwhelming it’s difficult to know where to start! If you are feeling stuck, start with some self-reflection. You don’t even have to look at your bank statements (as even that act can seem too stressful and overwhelming for some of us). All you need to do is think about your lifestyle and what you could afford to cut out of your daily spending habits. Maybe you spend $20 a day on coffee, breakfast, and lunch. Maybe you go out for drinks five times a week and it has started to get away from you. Maybe you have that habit you just can’t seem to kick and it’s costing you hundreds each month.

Look, we aren’t here to judge. We are here to tell you that we believe you can do better if you focus on a few smaller problems instead of getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the issue. Be sure to check out our next post where we take a deeper dive into why budgeting is so difficult.

Emergency Cash In 2019

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