Welcome back to the Your Loan Depot blogspace! You join us in the midst of a two-part blog series concerning the way to become an adult. In part one, we ranted and we raved. Well, we ranted more than we raved. If you are looking for a kick in the pants to get your life together, you’ve come to the right place, but we’d recommend taking a look at part one to give you better context for what is about to unfold right here, right now in part two. 

If part one was a touch philosophical (it was), part two will be more practical. Don’t worry, we are done discussing Marcus Aurelius, stoicism, and how this generation called “millennials” says “literally like” a disturbing, obscene number of times. 

How To Adult

However, we will NOT be dropping the “get off my lawn” schtick any time soon, so you’d better get used to it. Now, without further ado, we at Your Loan Depot are thrilled to present a few practical tips for becoming an adult. If you find yourself in need of emergency cash via a payday loan, stop reading this blog and drive to a Your Payday Loan Texas location! If you have a few minutes to spare, sit back, relax, and take in some unsolicited advice from your local payday lending company!

Take Responsibility For Your Circumstances

No, we aren’t your parents (we are your affordable payday loan company with ten locations throughout Texas), but we do know a thing or two about what it takes to be a successful human being in this life, and it starts with taking responsibility for your own destiny. Now, to be clear, we aren’t saying that every bad thing that has ever happened to you is your fault

No, not even close. We are saying that complaining and feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t do anything but spread bitterness and keep you stuck in the mud. A victim mindset turns us into prisoners in a jail of our own making. So what does responsibility look like? Keep reading. 

Be Grateful

In terms of physical maturation, transitioning from a child to an adult happens naturally and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. In terms of psychological development, it’s the opposite; we have to be intentional about growing up, otherwise we will stay big kids. And what are kids like? They want. They expect. Their needs are fulfilled by others. There are a lot of adults out there that are entitled, greedy little beasts who are ruled by their base passions. 

Don’t be a kid in an adult’s body. 

Instead, practice gratefulness. Nothing is promised in life, and nothing is owed to you upon your being born. Yes, some of us have had easier paths than others, but you are only hurting yourself if you start obsessing over comparisons. If you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, we’d beg to differ. You are reading this blog, right? That means you have access to the internet. That means you live in a place that has amenities that 90-some-odd percent of other humans who have ever walked the planet could not even dream of existing, let alone using! 

How often are you and yours hungry? How often are you thinking about finding shelter? Do you have any family or friends who love you? We bet you won’t have to think too hard before you find something. And if all else fails, be grateful for the lessons the hard road has taught you along the way.

Contact Your Loan Depot

No, that isn’t a tip for becoming an adult. But for the adults out there who are in a financial bind, Your Loan Depot offers lending services in Texas to help you get the emergency cash you need to stay afloat. Take care of your immediate money needs with Your Loan Depot, and then work on practicing responsibility and gratefulness! You got this.