In recent blogs, we’ve honed in on a particular topic — making money on the side. Why? The reason is simple and it follows basic logic. Since most everyone who visits Your Loan Depot’s blog is looking for emergency cash in Texas, we figured it would stand to reason to help our potential customers out with a little wisdom that follows the “teach a man to fish” vs. “catch a man to fish” line of thought. 

There’s no two ways about it; we stay in business through offering affordable payday loans, title loans, bad credit loans, and installment loans to folks who are looking for a cash advance in Texas. That’s how we help you in the short-term. In the long-run, we want to set you up for financial success through the providing of practically helpful tips on budgeting, saving money, and earning money in unique ways. While we don’t claim to be a financial self-help blog or anything close to it, we want to be as helpful as we can be when it comes to saving our customers money. Whether that’s through offering emergency cash when you need it or from our intro to budgeting blogs, is up to you!

Make Money From Home

Over the past few months, most of our blogs have have had to do with making money via being a courier/deliverer, being an Uber/Lyft driver, or some other way of getting out of the house to make some cash on the side. Today’s blog, as the title already gave away, is all about getting your creative juices flowing for some side hustles that you can do without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. 

Some of these ideas might strike you as perfect based on your skillset, interests, and experience. But others we list might just not be your cup of tea. That’s okay! Glean what you like and leave the rest. Alright, let’s dive in. 

Customer Service Representative

All you need is a landline, good communication skills, and an internet connection, and you have all the ingredients necessary to whip up a part-time job as a customer service representative. Obviously, you want to make sure that the organization you are applying to work for allows you to work from home, but this is becoming commonplace in 2019. Aside from this major perk, you will likely be able to get a flexible schedule as well. For instance, if you have a weekend where you’ve got nothing planned and you realize you are a couple hundred short for making rent, you might be able to work a few shifts to make up the difference! Customer service reps usually make between $8 and $16 per hour, for the record. 

Teach English As A Second Language

If you are decent at speaking English, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to be an online tutor for people who want to learn how to speak English. You see, there’s a massive market for this service because *newsflash* much of the world’s business is done in English. If non-native English speakers are able to speak English, this will very much benefit them in the professional world. Usually, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree or teaching experience of some kind to qualify for one of these positions, but don’t freak out if you don’t have those qualifications! Some teaching coordinating providers count any kind of teaching experience as teaching, such as mentoring, tutoring, or even teaching Sunday school in a church setting. 

If you are interested, we’d recommend looking at VIPKID, where you can make $2,000 a month working only 3 hours a day!  

Graphic Design

It’s 2019, people, and that means graphic design has never been more important for businesses who need to market on the internet. And which business need to market on the internet? All of them! 

Write Online!

One of the best work from home jobs out there is online writing because you get to work based on your own schedule. If you are a parent who has to juggle keeping your kiddo alive and well with providing for your family, this is a great way to make some extra money. What’s more, you can even turn it into a career if you are good at it. Doing so could see you earn between $40,000 and $50,000 per year, and maybe even more if you can carve out a niche for yourself! 

Writing for businesses has never been more important. Not only do small and medium-sized businesses need capable writers who can market their services/products, but they also need writers who understand how to write “loveletters to search engines”. Yes, we are talking about SEO writing, which stands for search engine optimization, if you didn’t know. If you are able to write for both users and search engines, you might just be able to carve a career out for yourself!


Becoming a virtual bookkeeper comes with its fair share of expectations and responsibility, but if you are comfortable recording financial transactions for SMBs (small businesses), or at least the idea of it, you could make between $15 and $50 an hour! Sure, you aren’t likely to start anywhere close to that latter figure, but if you apply yourself, you might get there. And if you do, that’s a six-figure salary! Check out this helpful article, How to Become a Bookkeeper, for more information. 


Let’s get this out of the way — transcribing takes a certain kind of individual. You need to be patient, attentive, and long-suffering. Why? You will be listening to audio files and typing exactly what is said for hours on end. Plus, you need to be very accurate with your transcriptions, so don’t even think about checking your phone or multi-tasking while transcribing. 

That being said, there isn’t much to it besides being able to hear and type quickly. You can make between $7 and $21 an hour as well. With no technical skills required, it’s not the worst work-from-home gig in the world!


If you’ve been accused of being a “grammar nazi”, we might have the side hustle for you! Proofreading is a service will always be in demand, especially with the internet and social media reshaping most people’s understanding of basic grammar and syntax. It’s easy to see a world where only a proud few actually adhere to grammatical standards rather than the sloppy shorthand you see online these days.

Alright, we’ll get off our soapbox now, don’t worry. How much can proofreaders make? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Even for part-time work you can make between $1,000 and $5,000 every month, but all that depends on the specifics of your job. 

Social Media Manager

If you consider yourself a millennial, it likely follows that you are adept in using social media. While managing the social media profiles of businesses is a horse of a different color, the gist of it translates. It’s a great work-from-home job for innovative, self-starting people who are invested in the success of their clients. The good news is that you can find plenty of work in this field. Additionally, you could make anywhere between $1,000 and $10,000 per month, depending on the number of clients you have. 

Become An Online Life Coach

The final stay-at-home job we will be highlighting in today’s blog is that of an online life coach. If you love giving people advice (who among us doesn’t like to tell our friends and family what to do?), and you’ve found that people actually value your wisdom, being a life coach online might be the ticket for you. 

How much can you make? It all depends on how much of a market there is in your region. At the very top of the food chain, top life coaches can charge hundreds of dollars per hour. You probably won’t be successful starting at that point, but once you get a few clients under your belt, who knows? It’s not unreasonable to charge $50 per hour if you are dedicated to providing valuable personal development lessons. 

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