It’s no secret that the reputation of payday lenders isn’t as strong as it might be. It’s a difficult situation, when someone comes to a payday loan company in need of emergency cash. In order for the payday lender to protect themselves and be profitable, loan interest is often steep when compared with other types of loans. What’s more, some companies can be accused of not taking adequate time to make sure their customers understand the in’s and outs of the repayment process they are legally agreeing to.

That’s not good, folks.

Like we said, we are aware of the issue. At the end of the day, there’s not much we can do about what other payday lenders are doing, for better or for worse. What we do have control of is how we operate as a Texas payday loan company.

We Do Right By Our Customers

Whether you need a car title loan or a payday loan for emergency cash, we pride ourselves on doing right by our customers. Now, the specifics of doing that might look different depending on the particulars of the situation, but what we always do is make sure our customers understand exactly what they are agreeing to. We are also efficient and flexible with our process, meaning we will do our best to tailor our lending services to your unique needs. Ultimately, we want to empower our customers to get out of financial trouble in the way that suits them best.

What Our Customers Say About Us

But today’s blog doesn’t concern what we say about ourselves as much as it has to do with highlighting what our customers say about working with our payday loan company! For the rest of our post, we’ll be showcasing a few of our favorite reviews we’ve received across our many Texas locations. A few of them have to do with how we separate ourselves from the competition by doing right by our customers, so be sure to read all of them to get an idea of what working with us is like!

I’ve Had Nothing But Good Experiences

I’ve dealt with this company a time or two. I’m not sure why they were called Loan Sharks but it’s far from the truth. They are very much upfront with you from Day 1, I’ve always paid on time, I call immediately if I see something come up beyond my control. This Company has always worked with me, Cindy and Alma are both very nice and non judgmental, I’ve had nothing but good experiences with both them and the Company.” – Jane D., Five Stars, Local Guide, Google Reviews

Jane, we can’t help but smile when we read these kind words! And we were definitely doing the exact opposite of smiling when we heard that some people think of us as “loan sharks.” However, there’s little we can do to control that aside from continuing to do our best. We try to help everyone who walks through our doors as well as we can, so it means an awful lot to us when we hear that Cindy and Alma are doing a great job. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how we are doing, Jane!

They were very friendly! And amazing to work with! I would definitely recommend them if your in a bind and need some cash!” – Maygan T., Five Stars, Google Reviews

Maygan, we love how you spell your name — almost as much as we loved reading this kind, five-star review! We appreciate your recommendation, business, and taking the time to let us and others know that we are a reputable payday lender in Texas.

Very professional, very helpful and quick. Never had any issues anytime i visited, and they always made me feel welcomed. Def recommended.” – Jonathan Lopez, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Jonathan, we like being described the way you described us, so thanks for the description! We want you to feel welcomed, comfortable, and empowered to make the best financial decision for you and yours. That’s the way we plan on staying in business for a long time — doing business the right way!

It’s Nice To Walk In The Door And Talk To Someone Who Knows Who You Are!

I can’t imagine the scenario that the angry reviewer described. I’ve been a customer of Loan Depot for about 3 years now, and yes, when you take out a loan, you’re going to pay back fairly stout interest, but you’re going to do that with any loan you get. With this place, you get to make MONTHLY payments, not have to pay it off in 2 weeks like the rest of them. Not to mention, the gang that works here don’t make you feel like you’re a lower class of person because you need a loan. They’re helpful, friendly, and know your name when you walk in the door. In this day and age of “pressing 1 for a representative”, it’s NICE to walk in the door, and talk to someone who knows who you are!” – Ace S., Five Stars, Google Reviews

While that “scenario” the angry reviewer described can’t be found anymore because the review was taken down, we felt compelled to share this five-star review from Ace. Every business is going to have some negative reviews and unhappy customers (who just might have been a smidge unreasonable) — that’s just the nature of the beast. But it’s really nice to read measured, kind words like these written by Ace.

We like being called helpful and friendly, and we really like that Ace pointed out we offer monthly payments. While our competition might not be as flexible, we try to make it work for both parties at Your Loan Depot. Thanks again, Ace!

“I will never go anywhere else for a title loan!! Nicole and Pedro are so sweet and do whatever they can to help!! Highly recommend! Thank you Nicole and Pedro y’all are Awesome!!  Tw Pearland.” – Tammy Warford, Five Stars, Google Reviews

Tammy! We are so glad you were able to work with Nicole and Pedro. We agree that they are awesome! Come see us again soon if you are in need of emergency cash in Pearland, TX!

Very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Made the process very easy. Great customer service.” JR, Five Stars, Google Reviews

The final review we’d like to highlight is short and sweet. We make the process easy and understandable. We’ll answer any questions you might have. We’d love to hear from you and help you out in any way we can help. For payday lending services that you can count on, reach out to Your Loan Depot at your convenience!