We’ll pick up right where we left off — providing our readers who might be in search of information about payday loans and car title loans with some more big-picture advice about saving money. Well, to be fair, we won’t dive into the tip-providing right away. After all, if you can count yourself among those of our readers who actually are reading this blog post to find out what Your Loan Depot can do for you, we’ll address that first.

Who We Are

We are Texas payday lenders who provide outstanding payday loan service. With a number of Texas payday loan locations, More specifically, we have payday lending locations in Mansfield, Humble, Conroe, Airline, Bryan, Tomball, Rosenberg, and Pearland. This means we are never too far of a drive for you to walk through our doors and get the emergency cash you need!

Whether it’s to bridge the gap between paychecks, cover unanticipated expenses, or something else entirely, we’ll work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the repayment process.

Car Title Loans

In addition to our bread-and-butter payday lending, we also provide title loans. If you are unfamiliar with such a term, car title loans (or simply “title loans”) allow you to get even more fast cash than payday loans. With Your Loan Depot, you can get up to $10,000 in emergency cash if your collateral is sufficient. What kind of collateral? Excellent question! Here’s the second distinction between payday loans and car title loans: while payday loans require no collateral, title loans require the applicant to put up their vehicle (car, truck, SUV, or RV). In the event where someone cannot repay their loan, a title lender needs to protect their investment in some way.

How We Are Different

And while we certainly understand that putting up a vehicle as collateral is a big decision, we want you to know that we seek to separate ourselves from other payday lenders in one key way — we take the time to explain everything to our customers. We won’t gloss over certain details when explaining the repayment plan to you; instead we will walk you through each step of the process to make sure you feel comfortable and empowered to make the best financial decision for you and yours.

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy payday lender in Texas, look no further than Your Loan Depot!

Easy Money Tips

We don’t want you to get the wrong idea here. These tips are “easy” in the sense that they are easy to read and try, but we can’t make any kind of guarantees in terms of how easy they’ll be to stick with. For example, in our last blog we offered up a few simple money saving tips. They were tips that are all over the map in a sense, but the one thing they had in common is that they will cost you something. It’s usually time, but something like writing down a grocery shopping list before going to the store (every time) will start to wear on you if you are cutting down on expensive luxury items that you really miss.

Essentially, our point is that, should you feel so inclined, go ahead and try out a handful of these tips and see if you can stick to them. That’s a far superior solution than attempting all of these tips, only to burn out because it’s just too much on your plate. Kapeesh? Excellent! Now let’s dive in.

  • Children Can Be Cheaply Entertained – Folks, stop spending big money to entertain your children. Do you remember what you played with when you were their age? Wood blocks. Maybe some string. It was pretty basic, right? We might be exaggerating here, but the point is that children come “out of the box” with a pretty amazing imagination. Their ability to entertain themselves should not be underestimated, so let them run around outside instead of blowing wads of cash on this and that. We aren’t saying don’t invest in your children, but rather to invest your time rather than your money most of the time!
  • Stop Smoking – Yep, we went there. Smoking is awful for your health (it’s literally poison), but it’s also expensive. If you are a pack-a-day smoker, we are talking about wasting thousands of dollars out of your yearly income. It really is wasteful, even if you enjoy it and are addicted. There are options for you, and it’s never too late to talk to a medical professional about new ways to help you quit. Even if you’ve tried numerous times in the past, do something for your future in terms of your finances and wellness!
  • Cook In Bulk – Here’s one that isn’t quite as emotionally taxing. An easy way to save both time and money is by cooking extra! If you bake a casserole, double what you’d usually prepare for you and your family so that you don’t wind up spending $15 at lunch for the third time this week!
  • Cancel Your Gym Membership – And gain some weight! Just kidding, instead of working out at your gym that you go to twice a month (each visit costs you something like $15 for 30 minutes of actual exercise), work out online! There are countless videos of pretty much every kind of workout you could imagine. All you need is access to the internet and a screen to watch it. Judging by the fact that you are reading this blog, you already have both those covered! This way, you can work out when you want to — from the convenience of your home!
  • Reconsider What You Are Paying For TV – Cable seems to be getting more and more expensive. Plus, you have to pay more and more for the channels you actually want to watch. That’s why we think it’s time more people evaluate how much they are paying for what they are really getting from that cable or satellite TV provider. The industry is moving toward specialized streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and ESPN+. There are many others, and you could probably choose five or six and still save money compared to what you are currently spending on cable TV alone!
  • No More Name Brands – Not everything you buy needs to be name-brand. Whether you are picking out cereal, clothing, or a lawn mower, you can save significant sums of money while sacrificing very little in terms of quality. This is especially true for medications. Make sure you aren’t paying an arm and a leg for medicine that might cost practically half the amount if you go the generic route!
  • Have A Yard Sale – And while we are thinking about it, go to yard sales and garage sales as much as you can. Don’t buy things for the sake of buying things (that’s a sure-fire way to have a yard sale almost every month), but if you are in need of certain items, make a list of those things and then go on an adventure-hunt for them!

That’s all the tip-providing we have time for today! Thanks for reading, and keep in mind that if you are in need of emergency cash, Your Loan Depot is one of the best payday lenders in Texas! Contact us today for more information.