In part one of this two-part series concerning the most common reasons folks in Texas get a car title loan, we discussed a few of the more well-known reasons people get car title loans. Among them were situations where you need fast cash for a mortgage payment, medical expense, funeral, or utility bill. The common denominator was that car title loans might not be the right choice for everyone, but for Texas residents who are in need of emergency cash in the range (but not exceeding) $10,000, looking into a Texas title loan might be the exact right choice for your unique needs.

Also in part one was a brief descriptor of the main differences between payday loans and car title loans. You’ll find that we address said differences in almost every blog post we write (since it’s one of the most frequently asked questions we receive). But, seeing as how we have already addressed the core distinctions in part one, we’ll take the opportunity to highlight our process here at Your Loan Depot. After that, we’ll discuss a few more of the most common reasons folks apply and receive title loans in Texas. Keep reading if you are interested in common reasons to get a title loan, along with what you can expect when working with us at Your Loan Depot!

Our Process

When you are in need of emergency cash, it means you need the cash and you need it now! We understand the time-sensitive nature of emergency cash loans, which is why we’ve made our loan application process straightforward and streamlined. First, you must fill out our online application (if you haven’t come into see us at one of our many Texas locations). There you will provide necessary personal information, including data about where you live, work, and the vehicle you are using for collateral if indeed you are interested in receiving a car title loan. Keep in mind the vehicle, whether it’s a boat, motorcycle, truck, RV, or regular car, must be in good working condition for us to accept it as collateral.

After that, we will quickly let you know whether your application has been accepted, denied, or if we need additional information to make a decision. Whichever way it turns out, you can bet that we will work diligently to get you your answer as soon as we possibly can. The more quickly you find out, the sooner you’ll be able to resolve whatever problem you needed the emergency cash for in the first place! Once we’ve reached a decision, we’ll walk you through the repayment plan so that you have total understanding of what the requirements will be. We want you to be comfortable and confident about your decision to work with us at Your Loan Depot!

Continued: Reasons To Get A Texas Car Title Loan

  • No Credit Check – One of the chief benefits of going through Your Loan Depot for either a title loan or a payday loan is that any credit issues will not matter when your application is under consideration. For folks who have had a difficult time in the past because of a bad credit score, this should come as welcome news. In fact, it’s one of the chief reasons we are able to help individuals who need fast cash in Texas!
  • You Can Use The Funds At Your Discretion – While we certainly wouldn’t recommend someone put their vehicle up for collateral so they can have some spending money, you are well within your rights to do exactly that when going through Your Loan Depot to get a car title loan. Your purpose might involve an investment opportunity you can’t turn down, helping out a loved one with a loan or gift, or something else altogether! It’s not our business! Our business is to make sure you are able to get the emergency cash you require.
  • You Have Auto Repairs To Take Care Of – We mentioned it in part one and we’ll make note of it right now; going the route of a car title loan can get you up to $10,000 in emergency cash, but we want to make sure our customers know that putting their vehicle up for collateral is something that should usually be reserved for serious circumstances. If you have a friend or family member who is in desperate need getting their automobile repaired, looking into a Texas car title loan might be worth your time.
  • You Need Cash While You Are Between Jobs – Perhaps you are on the edge of your big break. Maybe you’ve recently been laid off but you have the distinct feeling that good things are on the horizon. If you need cash to make ends meet for a short period of time, going the route of a title loan might be the ticket. Whether it’s intended to be used as some spending money for the holidays or you are saving up for a security deposit on a new place to live, it’s up to you as to how you spend it!
  • You Need To Post Bail – If a loved one is incarcerated and your family doesn’t have the money to bail them out, what can you do? Applying for a car title loan should be on your list of possible solutions because they are a type of loan that can get you the emergency cash you need. Working with Your Loan Depot means you’ll have a very fast turnaround time so that you can get your friend or family member out jail as soon as possible!
  • A Major Appliance Breaks – The final common reason we will highlight in today’s post is if a major appliance were to break. If it’s summer, there’s a safe bet that you’ll need to get your broken air conditioner unit replaced very quickly. And while Texas winters are generally milder than in other parts of the country, depending on where you live, heat can be a necessity no matter what season it is. If you find out that your AC or furnace is broken, a car title loan might be worth considering. Of course, the same can be said if you have a broken refrigerator, dishwasher, or other major appliance fail.

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From Houston to Dallas, and pretty much everywhere in between, we offer reliable car title and payday loans here at Your Loan Depot. We take the time to understand your unique needs, so that you are able to make an informed decision about how you’d like to proceed. We can’t control bad things in life happening, but we can make sure that you are equipped with the emergency cash to help resolve whatever trial you find yourself in. Don’t hesitate to call us or fill out an online application for your Texas car title loan!