We’ve bounced around quite a bit in recent posts of the past. First of all, our most recent blog posts have been in Spanish, which exemplifies our ability to help both English and Spanish speaking customers with all of their car title and payday loan issues. And while we assume that you are able to speak and understand English (seeing as how you’ve made your way to this blog), perhaps you know a few friends or family members who could use a Spanish-speaking payday lender. We have a number of payday loan locations throughout the great state of Texas.

Whether you and yours need an English-speaking payday lender or a Spanish-speaking one, we’ve got you covered with outstanding customer service and affordable rates for most people. We have a passion for making sure our customers completely understand the in’s and outs of their agreement, so that there are no surprises when it comes time to repay the loan. That’s just part of the way we seek to separate ourselves from other Texas payday lenders in the area!

Simple Money-Saving Tips!

As has become something of a custom, today’s blog concerns helping our readers save money. Maybe you’ve used our payday lending services in the past, and maybe you haven’t. Maybe you will in the future, and maybe you won’t! Regardless, you should be able to find one or two tips to help you out if you are indeed serious about saving money. If you are able to take them all and apply them, more power to you! We’d recommend starting with a handful and then going from there. Then check your bank account’s balance in a month or two and be amazed!

Well, we hope that’s how it’ll go, but it’s more complicated than all that. But we digress. Here are the aforementioned money saving tips!

  • Utilize The 30 Day Rule —The 30 day rule is simple: if you want to buy something somewhat significant in price, wait thirty days before you take the plunge. You just might find that the seemingly irresistible urge to buy that expensive thing will have sufficiently subsided over time. It might have cooled off to the point where you realize there are much better ways to spend that money!
  • Write A Shopping List & Stick To It – This one is key, ladies and gentlemen, and it applies to more than groceries. We recommend always writing down a list so you can force yourself to stick to it, avoiding “impulse buys” that can quickly stack up week after week and month after month.
  • Stop Buying Lunch – This one is tough, especially if you work at a business where you have a few friends who also like to eat out. Resist the urge, folks! You can do it! It will literally save you thousands, if not tens of thousands, every year.
  • Start Selling & Stop Collecting – While it might not apply as generally as the previous tips, if there are any collectors reading this blog, stop what you are doing if you are serious about saving money! It’s time to sell and make a profit before it’s too late, seriously!
  • Turn Off Your Lights – For that matter, turn off everything you aren’t using, and that includes your HVAC system. It might seem inconsequential, but getting into the habit can really shave money off of your energy bill.
  • Stop Signing Up For Credit Cards – While you are at it, stop using them as much you can! Credit cards are attractive because they delay the negative consequence of actually paying for what you buy. And, to be fair, there are some pretty sweet deals out there that businesses offer you. Resist, resist, resist! Credit card debt catches up to you quickly, and it’s a hole that is very difficult to dig out of, as many of us know. If that’s where you find yourself at right now, throw all available resources you have toward paying off that credit card debt. The interest rates are debilitating, but attacking it like you mean business will pay off in the end!
  • Save With A Purpose – We’ll be sure to offer more tips in a future blog post or two (don’t you worry), but the last tip for today’s blog is that we want you to start thinking about saving money differently. Instead of saving money for the sake of saving money, save for your future. In effect, this means you should open up a savings account, a college fund, or generally do something with the money you are saving, instead of just saving for the sake of saving. You’ll find one way or another to spend that money unless you put it toward a specific purpose!

Reach out to us at Your Loan Depot if you need assistance with bridging the gap between paychecks! We are the top payday lenders in Texas for good reason.