It can seem like you never have enough money. Just when you feel like you’re starting to get ahead, something happens, like you lose your job, the economy tanks, or you get ill, that can set you back. It can seem like you’re constantly climbing uphill with the top never in sight.

One way to get ahead of your finances is to find ways to make extra money outside of your job. This can help you not only meet shortfalls, but get ahead of the game for good.

Your Loan Depot offers payday loans, installment loans, and title loans for your convenience. When you need money till your next paycheck, or an unexpected expense crops up and you need a fast cash loan, we’ve got you covered. We have offices throughout Texas, including Mansfeld, Conroe, and Bryan, where we can help. Our lenders are friendly, knowledgeable, and can point you in the right direction. Below, we’ll take a look at some tips to help you make extra money. Stop by one of our payday loan locations today!


Become a Delivery Driver or an Uber Driver

One way that has been used for generations to make extra money is to be a delivery driver, especially in today’s world. With the growth of grocery and food delivery services, there is more need now than ever for those who are willing to drive their own vehicle and deliver food, drinks, pizza, fast food, and more to others. Not only do these jobs pay well, but you also get great tips from grateful, hungry people.

Another option is to be an Uber driver. Uber drivers also get great tips and great conversations to boot. With Uber you can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. This is a great way to add in extra money on the evenings or the weekends.

Pet Sit

Pet owners love the convenience of being able to leave their pets at home while they travel. This is not only less stress on their cats and dogs, but it saves a ton of money in boarding fees and required vaccine fees. Most pet owners are exceedingly grateful you can care for their pets in the comfort of their own home while they are away. You can structure this side business however you want, from just dropping by for a few minutes for feeding to offering to walk their dogs as well for an added fee. The sky’s the limit here, and it’s good extra money, too.


Freelancing is where you offer your creative service for a fee. You can specialize in writing, editing, graphic design, voice-over, and more. There are so many different facets to freelancing that you can specialize in. For example, you can specialize in only one core area of writing, or you can ghost write a novel. You can design only websites. You can do editing work for photographers. There’s always someone looking to hire someone with your skills. You can be your own boss on the side.

Become a Handyman or Handywoman

There are always people who need help doing daily living tasks. For example, you can clean houses part time, offer to mow lawns or help with lawn care, shovel sidewalks when it snows out, or drive people to their doctors’ appointments. From running errands to offering to fix small things around people’s homes, there’s always a need for a helping hand on the weekends or the evenings. Not only will you earn extra cash this way, but you’ll also be doing good deeds for others who might not have anyone else to help them out.

Start Your Own Part-Time or Online Business

There are many benefits to being a small business owner. You get great tax breaks and write-offs, you can set your own hours, and you can do or sell what you are passionate about. Plus, many part-time businesses grow into lucrative full-time businesses, which is a great way to make your dreams come true. Whether you start a data entry business, an affiliate marketer, a social influencer, or you decide to sell your artwork or custom t-shirts on an online store, the sky’s the limit. In reality, there are so many ways to make extra money, that Your Loan Depot is surprised that more aren’t doing it themselves.


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While earning extra money on the side is always a good idea, sometimes you still fall short, and you just need a little extra cash until payday. This is where our loan services come in. we understand the unexpectedness of life and life’s events that can throw a wrench in the best laid plans. Sometimes when you’re sick, you can’t earn the extra money you need for that week. We can help. Our expert payday loan lenders can get you the fast cash you need and on the same day.

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